Pickaway-Ross CTC leaders honored by education group

Pickaway-Ross CTC leaders honored by education group

Two educators at Pickaway-Ross Career & Technology Center were recognized and given an Educators Award by the Ohio Association for Career and Technical Education.

Superintendent Dennis Franks was named Administrator of the Year for his lengthy service in the educational field. He has been superintendent at PRCTC for 10 years and with the district for more than 30 years.

Franks’ experience includes in the classroom as a teacher and in adult education. In addition, Franks has been actively involved with leadership positions in the Ohio Association for Career and Technical Education and Ohio Association of Career Technical Superintendents. He also serves on the Governor’s Board of Workforce Development.

“Be an ambassador not just for your school but for career-tech education. We work in a collaborative field and by supporting career-tech education overall, we all benefit,” he said.

Also honored is Susan Schwalbauch, who received the Ambassador of the Year award from OACTE for her work as an academic specialist with the Pickaway County Educational Service Center.

She was hired eight years ago through a partnership between the ESC and PRCTC. OACTE recognized her efforts in demonstrating how collaboration aids the career-tech world.

During her tenure, Schwalbauch has worked with the Ohio Apprenticeship Council to develop pre-apprenticeships within PRCTC that create pathways to graduation for work-based learning students.

“Sometimes, we may underutilize partnering with those who aren’t directly involved with education. Local business owners, folks who work in business and industry, organizations and individuals have experiences that are rich with ideas and new perspectives and are often more than willing to work with career-tech education,” she said 

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