Pickaway County testing site busy in morning hours

Pickaway County testing site busy in morning hours

by Craig Lovelace

Testing for COVID-19 got underway this morning at Pickaway County Public Health shortly before 9 a.m. and it didn’t take long for a steady stream of vehicles full of people waiting to get tested to develop.

A collaboration between the county health department and PrimaryOne Health, drivers wound their way through the parking area of public health at 110 Island Road in Circleville to a tent that allowed health care personnel to test occupants of two vehicles at a time. A walk-up testing tent also was available.

DeWitt Harrell of PrimaryOne said 139 registrations were made for the testing that runs to 5 p.m. He also said that there is some discussion whether to set up a testing location in the county that would be something more permanent.

Two women, who chose not to reveal their names, said they were there because their workplaces require it. Each works in the health-care field. Asked how the past few months have gone for them, one replied, “Stressful, very stressful. Everything has changed.”

Daniel and Ruth Adams were among some of the earliest people to arrive. Daniel said while COVID-19 is very scary, the country has endured other such scares, adding he is confident a vaccine will be found.

“This isn’t the first (virus) and it won’t be the last,” said the 68-year-old Mount Sterling resident. Science and people will win the day, he said.
The Adamses said they know of one resident in Mount Sterling who remains in the hospital after being tested positive.

Nobody in the Adams family has contracted the virus, Daniel said, but his 84-year-old mother has been isolated at home for several months.
He said interaction with her as inched farther along than it was, but he and his siblings are still careful.

“When it all started, I wouldn’t go into the house. We would meet at the door and kiss at the door. We’re now going into the house but we’re still cautious.”

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