Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office reports for Aug. 22

Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office reports for Aug. 22

On Saturday just shy of 12:45 p.m., Pickaway County Sheriff’s deputies were called out to a hair salon on Circleville Plaza where a customer was upset with the business’ mask policy. An employee told the sheriff’s deputy that the customer later filed a complaint with the corporate office.

The salon’s general manager later contacted the employee who advised her to follow up on the complaint with the customer and determine what the store could have done to make his experience better. However, the employee said the customer was hostile and verbally aggressive during the conversation. The employee relayed to the deputy that moments after the call ended, the customer reserved a spot online for a haircut. She called authorities because she wanted the incident documented in case the customer came back and caused issues.


00:34 Traffic Stop, Cromley Street, Ashville, APD, traffic stop warning.

00:43 Traffic Stop, State Route 752, Ashville, APD, traffic stop warning

02:12 Emergency Squad Run, Lane Road, Orient, STFD, transport to hospital 

02:51 Open Door, Welch Road, Commercial Point, CPPD, report taken

06:38 EMD, Chippewa Drive, Circleville, PTFD, transport to hospital

08:43 Emergency Squad Run, Miller Avenue, Ashville, HTFD, transport to hospital

08:59 Complaint – Found, State Route 674, North Canal, PCSO, report taken

09:03 Traffic Stop, U.S. Route 22 West, New Holland, NHPD, citation issued

09:24 Traffic Stop, Front Street, New Holland, NHPD, citation issued

09:57 Domestic, State Route 762, East Lockbourne, PCSO, report taken


 12:07 Traffic Stop, SBPD, citation issued

 12:22 Traffic Stop, New Holland, NHPD, citation issued

 12:25 Traffic Stop, State Route 104, Lockbourne, CPPD, citation issued

 03:05 Complaint – Person, Princeton Street, Ashville, APD, report taken

 03:57 Traffic Stop, SBPD, citation issued

 04:22 Emergency Squad Run, Island Road, Circleville, CVFD, transport to hospital

 04:22 Emergency Squad Run, Zigzag Drive, Circleville, HTFD, transport to hospital

 04:45 Complaint – Gun, Water Street, Tarlton, PCSO, report taken

 06:33 Traffic Stop , Long Street/West Main Street, APD, citation issued

 06:34 Complaint – Vehicle, U.S. Route 23, Ashville, SBPD, report taken

 06:36 EMD, Crownover Mill Road, Mount Sterling, PCSO, report taken. Narrative: A sheriff’s deputy responded to a Crownover Mill Road address on a report of an overdose. Once on the scene, he found a male in a backroom exhibiting signs of an overdose. The deputy administered a single dose of NARCAN. The male regained consciousness and refused to go to the hospital.

 08:22 Traffic Stop, Long Street, Ashville, APD, citation issued

This report from the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office represents the calls that came into the facility’s dispatching center. For Aug. 22, there were a total of 77 from midnight to 11:59 p.m. 

Not all the calls are reflected in this listing that is arranged, from left to right, by time of call, general call description, location, agency responding, and outcome of call.

Responding agencies include: PCSO, Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office; APD, Ashville Police Department; CPPD, Commercial Point Police Department; SBPD, South Bloomfield Police Department; NHPD, New Holland Police Department; HTFD, Harrison Township Fire Department; PTFB, Pickaway Township Fire Department; STFD, Scioto Township Fire Department; CVFD, Circleville Fire Department

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