All Rise

All Rise

In the Pickaway County Common Pleas each week, Judge P. Randall Knece hears from defendants who want to change their plea from not guilty to guilty.

When that happens, Knece runs through a litany of questions to ensure the person understands his or her decision. For example: the person has a right to a jury trial; can the individual read and write; what grade of education did she complete; was he promised anything in exchange for changing his plea; and does she have anything she wants to say.

Some of the defendants don’t say anything while others apologize for their actions. A typical exchange took place on Wednesday when Bradley Fisher was sentenced to 11 months in prison and fined after pleading guilty to charges of theft and breaking and entering.

Fisher: “I’m sorry for breaking the law,” he said. “When you break the law you’ve got to serve your time, your honor.”

Knece replied, “You got that right”

Below are all the pleadings from Wednesday.

Name/AgeAddressCharge(s) / PleaDisposition
Stephen Combs, 3445 N. George St., York, PAExtradition to PennsylvaniaDefendant waived formal extradition; Court ordered him returned to York, Pa. for parole violation hearing
Crystal Crabtree, 37111 ½ East Hill St., Oak Hill, OHAggravated Possession of Drugs, GPSI
Bradley A. Fisher, 39742 S. Harris Ave., ColumbusBreaking and Entering, Theft, G11 months in prison, $1,960.00 restitution
William J. Haddox II, 31371 Town St., CirclevilleCommunity Control violation, GCommunity control continued with additional condition of PARS inpatient program
Darcy L. Johnson, 3924 Hall St., AshvilleNonsupport of Dependents, GPSI ordered
Letitia A. Long, 41333 Walnut St., CirclevillePossession of Cocaine, G3 years intervention, 30 days in county jail, 6 months at STAR CBCF
Ernest M. McGinnis, 271079 Olmstead Ave., ColumbusFelony OVI, GPSI ordered
Troy A. Newman, 21407 E. Union St., CirclevillePossession of Heroin, Aggravated Possession of Drugs, G3 years intervention, 6 months at STAR CBCF
Michael E. Righman, 494584 Teabury Square N., 
Grove City
Community Control violation, GCommunity control continued with additional condition of STAR relapse program
Stephanie Vansickle, 3018646 Island Road, CirclevilleCommunity Control violation, GHearing date to be set
Joshua K. Williams, 2497 Stihl Ave., CirclevilleFailure to Comply with Order or Signal of a Police Officer, GPSI ordered

CBCF – Community Based Correctional Facility

ODL – Ohio Driver’s License

PSI – Presentence Investigation

All Pretrials are scheduled for 1 p.m.

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