Gas station gets council OK to expand on East Main St.

Gas station gets council OK to expand on East Main St.

by Craig Lovelace

If you were hoping for a bigger gas station in downtown Circleville, City Council granted your wish Tuesday.

Members on Tuesday night approved plans for an enlarged Duke & Duchess fueling station at Washington and East Main Street. The vote was 5-1 with Sheri Theiss as the sole dissenting vote. Englefield Oil Co. plans include taking over the lot next to the station, redesigning the building, installing new fuel tanks and a canopy, and improved egress and ingress designed to improve safety.

As part of its approval, council signed off on changing the zoning from Downtown Business, which prohibits fueling stations in the downtown area, to General Business, whose accommodations are more expansive. The official action Tuesday reflects the direction a council committee expressed last month.

Theis at that meeting disagreed with rezoning the parcels on which the expanded Duke & Duchess would sit.

“Is it consistent with our comprehensive plan? Quite frankly, it is not,” Theiss said, adding that if the plan goes forward, council would be breaking its own comprehensive plan.

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