Sheriff’s reports for Sept. 5

Sheriff’s reports for Sept. 5

Reports taken and filed by the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office for Sept. 5. The office responded to 93 calls that day.

12:40 a.m. – A sheriff’s deputy was patrolling Rickenbacker Parkway and observed a car stopped at Heartland Court. It pulled away once they saw the patrol car. 

The vehicle came registered to a cleaning services business and none of the three people in the car and a valid license. One of them was in the country illegally. The deputy called ICE, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, which declined to put a holder on the male unless he was getting taken to the Pickaway County Jail.

The deputy impounded the vehicle and its occupants called UBER for a ride.

3: 07 a.m. – The same deputy observed at Rickenbacker Parkway and Heartland Court several motorcycles and a silver Dodge Charger whose engines were turned off and blocking the roadway. When the officer shined the patrol car’s overhead lights, the motorcycles and Charger fled the scene.

The deputy gave chase to the Charger, whose drive pulled over after an approximate half-mile later. There were three passengers in the car. The driver was a juvenile and not a licensed driver though he was planning to take the test for a temporary license; the other front-seat passenger was the vehicle’s owner; and two juveniles. The car’s owner was cited for wrongful entrustment.

The Charger was impounded, and A&J Towing took possession of it.

4:51 a.m. – A female driving the wrong way on U.S. Route 23 was transported to OhioHealth Berger Hospital after a sheriff’s deputy got her to stop.

According to a report, she was seen driving northbound in the southbound lanes of the highway just north of Pittsburgh Road. A sheriff’s deputy was able to get the vehicle stopped and reported the driver appeared incoherent and confused, although showing no signs of intoxication. The deputy wrote that she was “talking in circles and did not know where she was.” 

The incident occurred a little more than a year after another wrong-way driver struck a U.S. 23 southbound vehicle killing two Teays Valley students. That driver also was driving north in the southbound lanes when the accident occurred. It was later determined that alcohol played a factor in the fatal crash, which also took the life of the errant driver.

8:51 a.m. – Somebody took a skid steer for a joyride and damaged property at the U.S. Corp of Engineers on Deer Creek Road near Mount Sterling.

A corps employee told a sheriff’s deputy that several trash cans, wooden posts, a small tree and a generic sign were damaged, plus beer cans had been strewn in the area.

3: 17 p.m. – Sheriff’s officials are investigating the retrieval of alleged drug items from a car that had been impounded.

According to a report, a local towing company told the sergeant that the vehicle is a rental and the rental company is planning to come and get the car back. 

He said a female who bonded the driver out called him from Florida saying they were coming to get the property out of the vehicle. However, the towing company employee reported that while removing the property, he found a small brown box containing several small crystal-like rocks along with a short straw. There were also several needles in with clothing, plus several tools in the vehicle. 

The sheriff’s official placed the crystal substance into evidence and had the owner dispose of the needles.

Paperwork in the vehicle returned to a male out of Florida. The said female has been calling about the personal items, but towing company employee does not know her name. 

6:18 p.m. – The sheriff’s office reported that a Pickaway Township female on Gay Dreisbach Road said someone stole her Instagram account and has been removing her pictures and sending her messages and strange messages to her acquaintances.

6:23 p.m. ­– Someone reported that his catalytic converter was cut off his car, parked in the DuPont lot, while he was at work.

10:22 p.m. A deputy was dispatched to 7730 Mound St. after a neighbor complaint. Once on the scene, the deputy wrote in a report, the caller was extremely intoxicated and had no discernible complaint.

10:24 p.m. – A deputy responded to Monroe Township home on Hall Road for reports of a domestic dispute, where they found a female shaking while lying in the roadway and a male with scratches on several parts of his body.

According to a report, the female attacked him as he tried to retrieve his phone from a truck she would drive after he asked her to leave the property. The deputy noted injuries to the male’s forehead, left ear, temple and a cut on one of his hands. He also noted that the female was agitated when they spoke, alleging the male attacked her and slapped her in the face. The report does not indicate apparent any injuries to her.

Mary Florence Roberson, 55, was arrested and charged with domestic violence.

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